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1885.- We need to go back in time until this year to remember that ESTEVE ARNAU CAMPS with a turning machine that worked with pedals and only with a rouge and a chisel as hand tools turned the first wooden handles, it was in a little building downstairs of his own house in the village of LES PLANES d’HOSTOLES.
1904.- The pedals method was replaced by hydraulics energy. The management of the factory was taken over by Isidre, Esteve’s brother.
1911.- Was born DALMAU ARNAU RODÀ, he was Isidre’s and Margarida’s second son. With just the age of 11 years old he began to work in the familiar factory.
1918.- The first vapour energy engine was installed.
1927.- The turning machines started to work with electric energy.
1939.- When the Spanish civil war finished, the other Isidre’s sons, Joan and Miquel, started to work in the factory too. When Isidre died, Joan’s and Miquel’s mother together with them take over the management.
1940.- The enterprise was divided. On the one hand rested Margarida, Joan and Miquel and on the other hand, DALMAU ARNAU RODÀ spent his little savings buying a second hand turning machine, took a census of a new terrain placed in the Passeig de l’Estació, and started again making a new building that still today it’s part of the factory. DALMAU ARNAU gave an important impulse in the, since the moment, always ascending development of the enterprise.
1976.- DALMAU ARNAU RODÀ died. His sons, Lluís and Josep took over the factory and continue with the name of HIJOS DE DALMACIO ARNAU until the end of 1979.
1980.- Lluís and Josep converted the enterprise in S.A. and gave it the actual name DARNAU, S.A. step by step they introduced automatic manufacturation processes. They registered their own mark DARMAN in the way to make a difference and give a guarantee to all the handles and goods that the firm still now manufactures. Since that day, quality and good service were been and are the main objectives of constant improvement and development that characterize DARNAU, S.A.
1982.- Automatic manufacturation of varnished handles. For the first time in Spain, it’s possible to find in the hardware stores high quality VARNISHED handles and PRINTED ON by TAMPOGRAPHY system with their own CODE BAR.
1984.- Pioneers in offering a better service DARNAU, S.A., designed SPECIAL EXHIBITORS that it was an innovation in the handles market.
1994.- Always betting to offer maximum service to their customers, Lluís and Josep create DAREXPAC, S.L., distributor of hand tools to meet the market need that had at this time of completing the handles with the tools.
2004.- Looking forward the demand and always thinking about improvement, DARNAU, S.A. started to manufacture all the basic handles serials making a HOLE that let them to be HANGED ON in the selling points. DARNAU, S.A., also designed NEW EXHIBITORS according with the new hand on system.
2007.- New catalogues DARMAN&DAREXPAC.
2009.- New logo DARMAN HANDLES & TOOLS.
2011.- DARNAU, S.A. is DARNAU, S.L.


Manufactuters of wooden handles with more than 130 years of experience and distributors of hand tools
34 - 972 448 048 - 34 - 972 448 171
Passeig Estació 8 17172 Les Planes d`Hostoles Girona (Spain)

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